I’ve published a new eco-erotica story called “The Hunt”. You can find it here:

I’m also super proud to announce that a new feminist, erotica magazine called “Math” is going to publish one of my stories in Issue 3 which will be released in September. (

The piece was originally called “ReWilding” but has since be renamed to “Becoming Feral.” I submitted the story to them back in May after I learned about the magazine through an article in Bitch.

As soon as I hit send on my submission, I doubted that they would want the story. Math is very progressive, gender fluid, LGBTQ friendly… I worried that my story would feel too heteronormative to them.

I didn’t bother to follow up with them when I didn’t hear back from them about their decision.

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail out of the blue, saying they wanted to publish my story, edited significantly for length.

I responded that the length of the story was part of the story itself — wild women are done with quickies! — but assured them that I’d be happy to work with them to create a wonderful story that was shorter.

When I received their edits, I was shocked to see that very little length had been cut from the story. They suggested wonderful grammatical and word choice edits, and cut a few sentences here and there, but the word document still clocked in at 13 pages! If you want to get a preview of the edited version, I’ve updated my erotica webpage to reflect the changes they made:

I’m excited to receive my free copy of the magazine (the only remuneration I’ll receive) and to see how my story fits in with the other photos, articles, and art. Through a little Twitter research, I know that the issue will also have an interview with Erika Lust, a director and producer of female-friendly porn, whose work I enjoy from time to time.

And if you want your own copy, you can order it here!

It’s fun to see my Nom De Plume (Silky McGillicuddy) up on their website!

I love watching the energy and forward momentum that my eco-erotica stories seem to carry. They’ve opened new doors for me that I never would have expected.


  1. Beverly Winterscheid, Ph.D. · August 30, 2016

    Congratulations Silky & Kendall, See what happens when you follow your passion & urge others to do the same? Yay!!

    Sent from my iphone



  2. Kelli jo · August 30, 2016

    YAY!!!! Congrats, Sister! I can’t wait to see it in print. Please bring it to our next meeting, if you can. Too cool!


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