What are you thinking about, deer?

In October, I published a new ecoerotica story: “Predator or Prey” https://eco-erotica.com/2016/10/27/predator-or-prey/
A dear friend and avid fan of these stories took the time to ask me some very thoughtful questions about the story, my process of writing it, what part of me the characters represented. I enjoyed sharing some of these thoughts with him, so I decided to blog about them as well. [What follows below will make more sense after reading the story.]

This story came to me through a collection of ingredients. The first ingredient was the deer. I learned that I am a “deer” type according to the Quodoushka archetypes of female sexual types. (This could be another blog post in itself!) Interesting to learn about, but wasn’t enough to inspire a whole story on its own.

The second ingredient was seeing a man at the airport decked out in camo clothes, wearing a bow hunters association hat, and reading a magazine about antelope hunting and sensing how his sexual hunger was manifesting through his obsession with hunting. 

The third ingredient was a conversation with a friend about the challenge men have on being receptive and using their bodies as a source of intuition.

These ingredients created a good start to a story, but it really took shape with great feedback from my hubby who provided some needed insights around the male psyche, details about hunting, and what resonates as erotic to the masculine. What possessed me to write a story from a man’s perspective about hunting (two things I know very little about), I’ll never know!?! The strength of the story is in large part to his suggestions and observations.

I knew I wanted the story to be about transformation, and that shows up in a number of ways. The physical transformation of the deer into woman. The transformation of the man from being the hunter to being hunted, and from always needing the chase to being with what is. I also liked transforming the knife from a deadly weapon associated with pain or fear, to a tool used for soul shattering pleasure.

This is the second story that has emerged through me about hunting. The first was looking at the pleasure, the sensuality, the excitement of the chase. (https://eco-erotica.com/2016/08/29/the-hunt/) This new story looks at the shadow side of hunting — the desire that is never fulfilled, no matter how many or how big the kills are. 

I see myself in the deer, not just in the sexual archetype, but in her very nature. I certainly don’t think of a deer as a very sexualized animal (vs. something like a cougar or wolf), nor do I see myself as wearing my sexuality on my sleeve. I also resonate with the deer’s quiet, gentle persona, and yet she can be quick and nimble when needed.

I also like to think of myself as having the ability to use sexuality as a transformative power. This idea I’m calling “sex magic” is still under development, but I think playing with it as part of this story is helping me figure it out what it means to me.

This story came to life even more for me when my dear friend who is the avid fan, gifted me a hunting knife that he magically discovered on a hike one day, with its blade stuck straight down into the trail. 

This little deer has started her collection…

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