Pleasure Meditation Challenge – final update

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Day 20- Making time to write and finding inspiration there to meet me. Drinking my favorite latte. The smell of the first raindrops on the asphalt. My meditation today involved lots of stretching and rolling around. I found that I like the feeling of the inside of my knees resting in the hollows of my cheeks.

Day 21- I found so much pleasure in the red and orange sunset, in driving home with the windows open singing loud pop songs, dancing around the living room, and riding my bike in the warm evening air. I took a class today about feminine sensual embodiment. My meditation came in the class as I practiced somatic methods for calling in Shakti energy.

Day 22- I love the feeling of release I have when I pass from the city into the Gorge even though I’m still driving down the highway. That feeling of peace deepened as we dined on local, fresh produce at the farm where much of it was grown. I loved standing barefoot in a circle that honored the coming equinox and this time of balance in our lives. I enjoyed walking through the land and watching the habitats change from wooded forest, to dry oak groves and back. It made my heart smile to see children running ahead to discover the nest that had been built by a bubbling creek. I loved deep, meaningful conversation with friends over wine and food, punctuated with laughter and raunchy jokes.

Day 23- Dancing slowly. Dancing blissfully. Dancing ecstatically. Sweating. Showering.

Day 24- End of summer weather in Portland is exquisitely perfect. And when I can do errands by bike and be out in that weather, it’s even better. I got to enjoy a surprise week-day lunch with my sweetie. I savored the feeling of accomplishment after getting to long-overdue e-mail responses. My meditation tonight looked like a wiggly child’s pose. I noticed that I often find more pleasure being in my head learning something new, than being in my body.

Day 25- A WILD hike! Wildwood trail. Wild rabbits. Wild man. Climbing trees. Connecting deeply.

Day 26- Fall Equinox- Finding beauty in being unbalanced at an intentionally chaotic yoga class. Mid-afternoon hot tub dip. Feasting on fresh crab and salmon. Appreciating the beauty and power and dance of the masculine. Bringing my dancing arousal home for further exploration.

Day 27- Feeling strong in my body as I walk around the park. Feeling deeply grateful for my love and connection with my parents. Feeling juicy as I write eco-erotica. Feeling tipsy as I have an uncommon glass of wine on my lunch date. Feeling playful as we blast music in the car on the way home. Feeling part of something larger as my hubby and I consciously create our lives.

Day 28- Dancing while folding the laundry. Walking in the rain. Eating my (current) favorite sandwich. Talking while walking with a sweet friend. Hearing good news. Witnessing new milestones in my children’s lives.

Day 29- Simple pleasures — a delicious breakfast, sitting on the front porch, playing frisbee with the kids. I found a lot of pleasure in talking with hubby about what we do and don’t want in our lives so we can continue to fine tune and adjust. We toured a club that was supposed to be all about pleasure, but didn’t end up bringing me any at all.

Day 30- A family walk to the neighborhood bakery. Improvising “pleasure yoga” with a dear friend at dance. Riding bikes & deep conversation – a combination of two of my favorite things. Enjoying a sunny day at the farmer’s market. Watching the blood moon rising. Finishing my story and sharing it.

What have I learned from this challenge?

When I started paying attention to the little (and big) things that bring me pleasure, I found that I’m able to notice more of them, and to feel them deeper and for longer. My maximum capacity for pleasure seems to have increased as has my resting state. My internal “battery” seems to be fuller, giving me more ability and patience to be present and stay in pleasure when life doesn’t feel so good.

I also noticed that I had decreasing desire to do the “meditation” portion of this challenge as time went on. Many times, so much of my day had felt pleasurable, that it seemed duplicative to carve out separate time to focus on it.

I believe this has inspired me to continue to notice, be aware, pay attention to, and feel deeply all the things that bring me pleasure every day!

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Pleasure meditation challenge- update

For days 1-3 click here, and for days 4-7 click here.

This is a long one, as I’m catching up after days of traveling…

Day 8 – Half Moon- Pleasure today came in the form of lounging in bed, the colors and smells of the farmers market, and pepper ice cream served on butter soil. My meditation time came in the form of a gifted sensual massage. I was finding my mind zoning out and leaving my body. I tried using vocalization to help stay present.

Day 9- Feeling under the weather, so instead of a meditation, I treated myself to snuggly time in bed. A communal dinner with dear friends for dinner to celebrate life and love brought the most pleasure of the day.

Day 10- A quiet morning soak. Sweet relish on my breakfast sandwich. Pauses in a hike to listen to the sounds of nature. A late night omelette made with love. Learning from the evening’s hot tub meditation of my ability to stay more present in my body when my eyes are open then when they are closed.

Day 11- An intense meditation. Playing with keeping my eyes open and focusing on the masculine and feminine portrayed in an art piece in my bedroom. Feeling into what parts of my body felt feminine that day, and which felt masculine. Witnessed how my pleasuring took on a very masculine, penetrative quality and how my body responded in such a feminine way with amrita.

Day 12- A celebration of another year around the sun as individuals and as a couple. The forest smell and beautiful tree roots tickled my senses. The best breakfast burrito in the world satisfied completely. Sunshine on warm, naked skin was such a gift. My meditation was done in partnership today — delicious physical, emotional and sexual connection with my husband.

Day 13- Today I spent traveling and sharing a room. I didn’t make additional time and space for a meditation today. But I experienced plenty of pleasure. Spinning down giant sand dunes. A long nap on the plane. A warm shower before dinner.

Day 14- Experiencing so much visual pleasure being out in wild, nature. Red roots reaching into the water, named after the Goddess Kali. Moving energy with tai chi. Connecting with an incredible spiritual teacher and shaman. My pleasure meditation time was alone, naked in the woods, next to a stream. Dedicated my meditation to bear, who lives in the forest where we were staying.

Day 15- So much learning about and experiencing pleasure throughout the day. Meditated on a quartz crystal seat hundreds of feet above the earth, placed there for that very purpose by ancient humans. Had a two-way conversation with a snake. Later, let snake influence and direct my meditation for the evening. The story that we created together was erotic and powerful.

Day 16- Waking up to squirrels chattering. I loved snuggling in a cozy sleeping bag inside a hammock while having uninterrupted hours to think and journal.

Day 17- Pleasure of all forms today: the sight of aspens turning gold, the taste of a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, playing games with friends over lunch, laughing at a bloody nose being curbed with a tampon, the hugs from my family at the airport, and intense cuddling as I fell asleep in the arms of the man I love.

Day 18- A hike in the forest. Styling the mossy hairdo of a log along the path. Deep and genuine conversation with a friend. Feeling the satisfaction of demonstrating the brilliance of my favorite artist.

Day 19- A very interactive and co-creative meditation process today. Three bodies. Too much coconut oil. Lots of pleasure, relaxation, and experimentation. Pleasure came today in the form of connection, deep conversation, heart-felt sharing, and listening with friends… in triad, over dinner, and in the hot tub. I also enjoyed seeing a little boy waiting out on the porch for certain little girls to come home.

Pleasure meditation challenge – update

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Day 4 – This was the first day, of many more to come, where my alarm goes off at 6 AM. To make getting out a bed a little more pleasurable (because I REALLY love lounging in bed), I made an early morning trip to the hot tub. Quiet. Warm. Wet. Pleasure came in many forms today: the smell of the forest, the weight and lightness of bodies spiraling during dance, and hearing good news about a friend’s life. I learned during my meditation time that I really loved the feel of the meat on my bones jostling, as I shook, swayed and bounced my way through staying present with the pleasure in my body.

Day 5- So much pleasure today. A yoga class with my favorite teacher. A long, co-creative conversation with my father. Changing out of too tight clothing into a dress where nothing pinches or grabs. Sharing my pleasure meditation learnings with my hubby and incorporating them into our lovemaking. When I sat down to meditate, I realized that nothing I could do at that moment would be as pleasurable as crawling into bed. So I did.

Day 6- Pleasure reaches a whole new level when someone else is involved. And pleasure has a whole other flavor when the play with someone else is not sexual. I love rolling, smooshing, balancing, adjusting, asking for more and less with another body who is chasing their own pleasure as much as I’m chasing mine. It creates magic. As this friend said: “pleasure is the fine line between too much, and not enough.” My personal meditation also involved another, only this one was mechanical.

Day 7- A simple pleasure today was walking back from yoga class through this urban garden (see picture) and hearing and seeing lots of happy honeybees buzzing throughout the plants. I tried to use the yoga class as my pleasure meditation today. And while I did a good job of finding the point of pleasure in each pose, I also found myself reverting back to just following the teacher’s directions, rather than my own guidance. My meditation involved rolling and stretching the muscles I worked in yoga class and trying to keep my brain off my to-do list or the fact that I forgot about a planned walk with a friend. But when I was present, I wondered why I wasn’t doing it naked? Much better….

The pleasure meditation challenge

As part of my pleasure project, I’ve set up a challenge for myself (inspired by Ms. Jaiya):

For one full moon cycle, do a pleasure meditation everyday.

But instead of the traditional form of meditation where I might try to quiet the voices in my head and breathe so that I can experience a different state of consciousness, I am aiming to go inward — to breathe and stay in my body, finding pleasure wherever it might be. As part of this challenge, I am also paying close attention to the things that give me the most pleasure each day.

To keep myself accountable to this challenge, to reflect on my growth and learnings, and to continue my psychological disrobing, I’ll report back here every few days.

Day 1 – Full moon- My at-home meditation was short today. I found my body quickly turned on, but my mind kept wandering towards exciting activities or things I want to be doing. I repeatedly had to keep coming back to my body in the here and now. Most of my intense pleasure for the day came at the sweat lodge ceremony I did that evening. My pleasure treasures for the day… I love when I sweat so much that I can’t tell whether the beads of sweat are running down my torso, or back up again. After the ceremony, I had the opportunity to lie with my belly on the earth to cool down. The feeling of the cool breeze on my wet, hot skin was delicious. Lastly, the cold, juicy cantaloupe I ate after the ceremony felt luxurious and so satisfying.

Day 2 – A mostly quiet meditation, in the dark by candle light. The most surprising point of pleasure came from lightly caressing the bottoms of my feet. My meditation time perfectly morphed into sexy-time with my husband, which became a very pleasurable part of my day. In addition, I loved getting Uptown Funky at dance. How good I feel after a post-dance shower is hard to beat. And I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch conversation with a dear friend.

Day 3- My meditation was interrupted by a loud crashing noise, a few minutes in. But my start was choppy and I was having trouble staying in my body, so I appreciated the post-crash restart. I also found that it was a challenge to not allow my brain to move into fantasy as my body called to increase the sexual feelings. I found unexpected satisfaction from raising and lowering the quartz egg I was carrying internally. Pleasure came today from the feel of sand between my toes as I walked on a local beach, from the refreshing breeze you can get only when riding a bike while not wearing panties, and the earthy-sweet smell of tomato plants. I also feeling very turned on by the deep beat married with the tinkling sounds and Sylvan Esso’s smooth voice in her song, “Coffee”.