In service to the dance…

Charles Eisenstein turns me on… again. In this essay on misogyny and the healing of the masculine, he offers this beautiful description of his fantasy about how the sacred masculine shows up in the world:

“I would like to see… a circle of men that offer a story of the sacred masculine in a post-patriarchal world. In that world, a man does not dominate and abuse the feminine, but seeks to protect her, treasure her, pleasure her, be unshakable for her, make her laugh, bring gifts to her, and, as in a ballroom dance, sense where she wants to go and invite her there with clarity and confidence. He places his qualities of linearity, decisiveness, humor, calmness, solidity, directness, strength, persistence, generosity, mobility, and assertiveness in service to the dance.”

I feel my body tingle and get juicy as I read this description. My body responds similarly when I am in the presence of men standing in their sacredness…. and I so appreciate Charles for putting words to how they do it.

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